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I would highly recommend Quality Restoration for your water damage and restoration needs. My husband and I own a condo unit in Lake Elsinore but live in Ventura county. Our renter called and informed us that the neighbor’s pipe had burst and flooded not only the neighbor’s unit but ours as well; we knew we needed to act quickly. I called our renter’s neighbor to see who she was using to rectify her water damage and she gave me Quality Restoration as a point of contact. I spoke with Tyler Vest explaining our situation and he was quick to get the water mitigation started ASAP to avoid any complications from mold or mildew. What I found impressive about his approach to business was his willingness to  trust us, a client he had never actually met in person, to start the job without some of the usual pieces in place to serve our best interests as landlords and protect the health and safety of our renter in a timely fashion. There were some delays in getting his invoice paid off as there were a few delays on the insurance side of things, but he waited patiently and even completed the job while we were still working out the insurance payoff details. Tyler was also able to give me advise on the next step to take in my decision making process since I had not dealt with this unfortunate circumstance before. I always felt like he put his clients’ needs first. The job in now complete and the condo looks great. Working with Quality Restoration made this inconvenience seem manageable!
-Julie L.

Quality Restoration went above and beyond to get my repairs done quickly but efficiently. They are very detail oriented and nothing is overlooked. I am so happy with the work they did and I would highly recommend them for any job!
-Terry J.

I highly recommend Quality Restoration Services. In this type of market a homeowner wants to find an honest, reliable and reputable contractor and QRS is top notch in this industry. Tyler is knowledgeable, straightforward and responsive. He continually keeps you up to date on all aspects of the job. He has gone out of his way and took time out of his busy schedule to represent me during an inspection with my insurance adjuster. Tyler wanted to make sure that the inspector was thorough with assessing damages in an effort to ensure that my home will be put back to pre-damage state. After going through two other unreliable contractors who basically left me hanging for weeks never to receive the estimate that’s supposedly “on its way” and the other who made me feel my restoration job was just to small compared to their other big jobs, I was ecstatic to find Tyler and his company QRS. With that said, let me save you the time and headache of having to weed through good contractors vs. and excellent contractor like Quality Restoration. 
-Mari T.

This is  very dependable and honest company who sprung in to action as soon as we needed them to take care a mold issue we had. We were in escrow and needed the non-emergency issue of some mold in our house to be taken care of immediately. Even thought they were very busy they found a way to get everything done in just a few days. The foreman on the job was Tyler who was always either returning phone calls and texts immediately. In addition, he always followed up after a stage was complete to ensure everything was going alright. I highly recommend them for any issue you might be having. They will go out of their way to make sure you are getting grade A+++  service.
-Ben & Michelle D.

I had a flood at my home in Corona and I found a Quality Restoration on Yelp. It was late at night and I didn’t know who to call. two technicians come out and stopped any further water damage. Tyler worked with my insurance to get everything covered and in my best interest. I’m happy with how it was handled and their communication throughout. My house is back to normal and I can count on them if it happens again.
-Mike D.


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