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A cleanout is mandatory when a residence or business setting requires specialized, yet extensive cleaning. The process begins with a move-out. A move-out is taking all the movable contents from the damaged location to a secure location. Choosing us to record, itemize, and relocate your valuable contents makes the move-out beneficial for both parties for the following reasons:

  • Is quick and easy
  • Protects items from severe damage
  • Provides restoration to contents if necessary
  • Protects currently damaged contents from further damage
  • Provides an open work space for us to quickly restore your home or business

The move-out process contains six steps:

  • We begin by filming the job site or residence for our records
  • Second, our professionals survey the area and provide an estimate.
  • After an agreement on the estimate, we start packing, taking, and sorting items. Our packers keep track of inventory hauled off to the new location
  • Fourth, the valuable contents arrive at our warehouse to clean and deodorize.
  • Fifth, we repack and claim list suggestions from our client.
  • Finally, we send items back to the customer.

During that fourth step, we begin restoration to the items in the warehouse as well. After successful restoration, our company begins the move-in. The move-in is about bringing the move-out items back to the residence or business. The move-in and move-out services vary by insurance coverage.


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